Pai – a very special place in the North of Thailand

2 07 2010

Pai is a small, rural village close to the border with Myanmar, deep in the mountains, accessible through a single road famous of its 762 curves (very much worth suffering through…) Pai is beautiful… you gotta go and see it yourself.

762 curves? Not this time!

762 curves? Not this time!

Dr.Nicolas :P

Dr.Nicolas 😛



Tired??Professional!!! :D

Tired??Professional!!! 😀

Pai canyon

Pai canyon

The World War II Bridge

The World War II Bridge

Be Slip Down!

Be Slip Down!




4 responses

4 07 2010

looks like a nice place to visit but, two comments: you should be more selective on your companies (hi dr nicolas 😉 ) and what happened to the bikes? scooters? seriously? 😀

8 07 2010

Hi Lasaro! To reassure you one person had a motorbike, I won’t say who 🙂

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